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 Airsoft Rules and Regs

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Airsoft Rules and Regs Empty
PostSubject: Airsoft Rules and Regs   Airsoft Rules and Regs EmptySat Jan 31, 2009 7:40 am

Rule Book


Combat Zone Scotland
One of the best Airsoft skirmish sites in the UK.
This may be your first time at Combat Zone Scotland... it may be your first time on ANY Airsoft site - or you might have been skirmishing for years.
Whatever your experience, we'd appreciate it if you'd spare a few minutes to read the information and rules you're now holding. Not all skirmish sites are the same and, to paraphrase my old Dad back when I was knee-high to a grasshopper,
"You play on our site, you play by our rules".
(The main difference being of course that we won't spank you with a slipper if you break the rules. Well, not unless you replace the word "spank" with "shoot", and the word "slipper" with "Airsoft machine gun" anyway.)

In general, skirmishes on this site have only one rule - use common sense. However, in the interests of clarity, some more in-depth ground rules are presented herein.

The Basics

AKA. “So what's this Airsoft thing all about anyway?”

You have an Airsoft gun, and some coloured tape round your arm.
There are people nearby with the same colour of tape on their arms. Don't shoot them.
There are some other people slightly further away, with different coloured tape on their arms. Shoot them.
If you yourself are shot, shout "Hit!", and either lie down or walk away with your gun held over your head.

We'll expand upon these rules later, but that's all you need to know right now about game play.
Let's get the important things out of the way first, before we go back to the fun stuff.


Or “ Ack! My… SPINE! ”

This is the most important factor in any skirmish, on any site. While Airsoft skirmishing is intended to be a close approximation of real battle, the line is drawn at the point of serious injury.

Eye protection

Always wear site-approved eye protection when not in the safe-zone. Combat Zone Scotland Marshals may request an impact-test of any player's eyewear before allowing them to play. Let's face it - the best way for you to find out that your goggles will shatter when hit by a BB is by one of us propping them against a tree and letting rip. You might be miffed at the loss of your nice shiny goggles, but think about the alternative... Sight?
Always make sure you have appropriate clothing - or at least appropriate footwear.
Whilst your nettle-stung legs from your thinking it smart to skirmish in hot pants is amusing, the broken ankle you're liable to receive because you prefer baseball shoes to combat boots is less funny.
Again, it comes down to common sense. You’ll be running around a lot, over some very uneven terrain. Wear something that provides good ankle support, preferably with some degree of water-resistance.
You don't have to buy military-issue jungle boots, but you do need something half-decent.
Shell out on quality footwear. You'll be glad you did.
Physical Risks

Don't take unnecessary physical risks.
Climbing trees is all well and good when you're twelve years old, but when you're an adult loaded down with a heavy Airsoft rifle and all the attendant gear you're going to be landing a LOT harder than you would have back then. Don't bother, it's not worth it.

Don't misuse PYROTECHNICS. We allow a wide range of PYROS (TLSFX only)on site, subject once again to Marshall testing. Any player abusing PYROS will be asked to hand over his supply, to be returned upon leaving the site.
"Misuse" includes such acts as using non-approved pyrotechnic devices in-game, throwing grenades into spaces so confined as to risk injury to the target and similar.. If it seems stupid, then it is stupid. Don't do it.
Physical Contact
No physical contact. While it's true that you are shooting your opponents with balls of hard stingy plastic, that is the limit of the force you may use. Anyone found acting in a genuinely threatening manner (Whether or not they’re using a weapon) will be removed from the site and may be banned from future events at Combat Zone Scotland.

Note: In the event of an injury on site, players must immediately set their weapons to “Safe”, sling/holster them if possible and call “Man Down” to attract the attention of a marshal.
The “Man Down” call is only ever to be used in the event of a real-life injury.
Please make sure that you have filled in the “Emergency Contact Number” section of the sign-in sheet, with the contact details of the best person for us to call should you be involved in an accident.
Giving us your own mobile telephone number, when your phone is in your pocket… Well, that’s not much use really, is it?
Emergencies cont-d
Yes. That has happened.
The number of a family member, or trusted friend, is infinitely more useful.

Fair Play
“Bang! You’re dead! ” “No, YOU’RE dead!” “No… YOU! ”

Nobody likes a cheat. Especially not Airsofters. At the end of the day, it's just a game. Play it fairly.

Always take your hits. We touched on this subject before, but it's the one issue that rears its head at almost every skirmish ever. Airsoft is a game, and part of the

game is getting "killed". So what's the point in not taking your hits? If you get shot, you're out for less time than it takes to smoke a fag and grab a drink. Shout "Hit!" and return to the safe zone, or wait for a medic - whatever rules you're playing by in that round. If you don't take your hits, you WILL be caught out. Not only will other players see you, but there are usually a few Marshals keeping an eye on proceedings... and just because you can't see them doesn't mean that they can't see you. They can. To avoid being shot whilst already dead, either hold your gun over your head or sit on the ground holding your gun vertically. N.B. – Being shot by your own team DOES count unless otherwise stated.
When Dead or out

Don't spoil the game for your team-mates or your opponents by talking whilst "out". Dead men can't talk, so telling your team-mates who shot you and where they're hiding is frowned upon. And remember - the people doing the frowning are the ones carrying the aforementioned "Airsoft machine guns", and they might decide that the corpse making all the noise needs another few rounds put into it to stop it being so damn noisy.

If you are playing in a game using Medic Rules, you CAN talk – But only to say “Medic!” And where your location is. Passing on any further information is not allowed.

Expanded Rules

“WHAT THE HELL’S THAT?” “It’s Mo’s Moscart launcher. Run. Now. “

Remember that "fun stuff" mentioned earlier? This is it. Bear in mind that the following rules do not represent a complete list of game types, and that they may be combined and modified in whatever way any given game's organiser sees fit. Feel free to suggest your own modifications to game rules - but remember to stick to the parameters of whatever game you do end up playing.
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Male Number of posts : 148
Age : 42
Location : Scumberdump Glasgow
Job/hobbies : Site Owner/Bum
Humor : Straight Laced
Registration date : 2008-08-07

Airsoft Rules and Regs Empty
PostSubject: contined   Airsoft Rules and Regs EmptySat Jan 31, 2009 7:40 am


Rules that determine for how long, you’re out of the game when you get hit, and how you go about getting back into play.

1-shot-1-kill games are the bread-and-butter of Airsoft skirmishing. If you are shot, you are dead. Return to the safe-zone, and wait for the game to end. Don't worry - these games tend to be hard and fast. Chances are you won't be waiting long.

Respawn games are essentially the same as the above, except that instead of waiting for the end of the game you turn around and come back into play once you get to the safe-zone (Or otherwise designated "spawn-point". )

Please note: Players may not fire upon opponents who are spawning until they have moved either 20 metres from the spawn point, or initiated the contact themselves. (i.e. "Don't camp at the enemy spawn point!".)

Fallback games are a third variation on the basic theme, but instead of having a set point to return to respawn, dead players must fall back a prearranged distance from where they were hit before rejoining the fray.
Standard Medic Rules games have no set point at which dead players return to the game. Instead, if you are hit you must wait until one of your team-mates makes physical contact with you for five seconds (“Tags” you.) - At which point you are resurrected and may feel free to get back into battle. Players may not tag the same team-mate twice in a row. They must tag someone else in the meantime if they wish to revive a player they have previously aided.
Designated Medic games are similar to “Standard Medic Rules” games, except only players designated as Medics may tag the dead back to life. Medics will have some form of visual identification, e.g. a Red Cross armband, or an extra stripe of tape round their arm. As stated before – Please make it obvious at all times if you are in a non-combatant (i.e. wounded or dead) state, and avoid opening fire on players in such a situation when you are in combat.

Dead Zone games
Are slightly different to all of the above, in that scattered around the playing field will be a number of special spawn-points - "Dead zones".
Each one will have a clock clearly visible. If you are hit, you must go to the Dead Zone and wait within 2 metres of the clock for a designated length of time. Once this time is up, you may leave the zone and move around freely- but you do not actively re-enter the game until you are tagged by another member of your team. It is especially important to note that in this style of game, until you are tagged, you must hold your gun over your head.

Please note:
In any game involving players being “Tagged” back into the game, if the live player making the tag is shot before the ten seconds are up, then BOTH players are dead.
In all games incorporating respawns, players may be limited in the number of times they can re-enter the game. Games also may be time-limited. Pay attention during the briefing at the start of each game, and you won’t go far wrong. Don’t be afraid to ask questions either – the marshals are there to help you out and keep you right, and we’re well aware that it can get slightly confusing keeping track of all the hit- and ammo-rules… especially in a full-day scenario with each round having a knock-on effect on the rules of the next!
(You could ask the guy that just shot you if he was listening at the beginning, but be aware that this information may not exactly be 100% accurate…)

Tasks you and your team may have to complete to win a game.
Kill-'em-all. Do you REALLY need to be told?

Capture-The-Flag. Each team has a base, at opposing ends of the playing area. In each base is a “flag” (This may be an actual flag, an ammo box, or some other objective. We’ll use “Flag” for simplicity’s sake! ). The first team to capture the enemy flag and return it to their own base, with their own flag still uncaptured, wins.

Please note: If a player is shot while carrying the flag, they must drop it on the spot in which they were standing when hit. They may not pass, throw, or attempt to hide the flag.

Defend-The-Objective. Combat Zone Scotland has a number of wooden structures, bridges etc.
In a Defend-The-Objective game, one team positions themselves in and around one of these structures. The opposing team must breach their defences and accomplish a set task - remove a flag from the area, set off a PYRO, etc.
Generally, such games are played twice to give each team a chance to attack and defend.

Capture-The-Village. Generally played in zone 1 or 2 area of the site, these games begin with both teams a set distance away from the objective area.
Hidden within the wooden structures are three smoke grenades.
The first team to successfully find and ignite two of the three smokes wins the game - with all three smokes designating a "Total Humiliation" for the opposing team.
The winning team may now legally shout "YOU SUCK!" in the general direction of the losers.

From time to time, we also run some slightly more complex “scenario” type games.
These can take the form of a number of linked objectives, taking teams all over the Combat Zone Scotland.
Such games tend to have no real “winners” as such, since for a team to advance to the next set piece they HAVE

To complete the first objective.
While the final outcome is generally predetermined, as the scenario dictates, these rather one-sided games still allow a

Lot of freedom for experimentation within game parameters.
While we may not play these games twice as we do Defend-The-Objective style games (There’s simply not enough time), we will

Try to ensure that players get to try being on the other side the next time we run a similar game.
Rules for scenario games will be fully explained as and when one is played.


Power Limits / Engagement distances:
If you bring your own gun to the site, please note that we have a limit of 350fps (±10% ) with a .2g round for ALL weapons, as per Home Office recommendations.

We ask that players adhere to the following engagement distance guidelines.
Any player repeatedly found to be disregarding these figures will be removed from play, or asked to use a lower-powered gun in future.

Engagement distance’s cont-d
Below 327fps:
0m - 1m = Surrender call if possible.
1m - 5m = Single Shot.
5m - 10m = 5 round burst.
10m+ = Full auto allowed, but repeated bursts preferred.

328fps - 350fps:
1m - 5m = Surrender call / Switch weapons.
5m - 10m = Single shot.
10m - 20m = 5 round burst.
20m+ = Full auto allowed, but repeated bursts preferred.

351fps and above ( Whatever the ceiling becomes ):
0m - 10m = Surrender call / Switch weapons.
10m - 20m = Single Shot.
20m - 25m = 5 round bursts.
25m+ = Full auto allowed, but repeated

Grenades will typically be represented by small thunder flashes or slightly larger blank-firing training grenades.
Basically, if it goes BANG, and it's within 10 metres of you with no intervening hard cover... you're dead.
Please exercise caution when using grenades.
If you're throwing a grenade into an area you can't see, shout "Grenade!" - Especially if it's a relatively confined space.
Ammunition may be limited in some games. In such cases, hi-caps may be used, but not wound, and no loose ammo may be carried for reloading. Full details of such restrictions will be given when necessary.

Blind-fire is the practice of putting your gun where you can't see it (e.g. round a corner, or through a window), and pulling the trigger.
This is generally not a very clever thing to do, since you might shoot another player at extremely close range without realising it. You may also BE shot at extremely close range - a burst of full-auto fire straight onto the back of your hand is NOT fun (Remember those "Airsoft machine gu-... “Yeah, you know.) Players must be able to see at least 3’ in front of the muzzle of their gun before pulling the trigger.

Littering is another thing frowned upon at Combat Zone Scotland
Please bag your rubbish, and take it away with you at the end of the day.
Photography is encouraged, as long as a few simple rules are adhered to.
If you are taking photos, you do so at your own risk.
Combat Zone Scotland will not be held responsible for damage done to any equipment you use during a game.
Try to wear a fluorescent vest when you are on-site but not engaged in combat - this not only keeps you safe from being shot ( Well, safer... ) but means that players don't waste time trying to identify you as a friend or a foe.
Bear in mind that half of the people you are taking photographs of do NOT want to be seen by the other half.
Nothing gives away a hiding player's position more than some fool with a camera standing over them and asking to say "cheese".
Be sensible, and respect the players' right to skirmish unimpeded by you. Combat Zone Scotland reserves the right to use any photographs taken on our sites in our promotional material.
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Airsoft Rules and Regs
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